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Providing Effective Insurance

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Certified Ambulance Coder

Fidelity Medical Billing of the Eastern Shore specializes in medical billing for both emergency and non-emergency ambulance companies.

We also offer the service of reporting EMS claims to the county and are trained in the use of Image Trend.

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Specialized Medical Billing Company

Contact our medical billing company in Oak Hall, Virginia, for productive debt collection services.

Productive Medical Billing

Medical Billing Company

We submit insurance claims to ensure timely filing.

Providing Effective Insurance

We file claims with Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, and we invoice patients also.

Claims Collection Services

We are contracted with a collection agency and we offer this benefit to our clients.

Credentialing and prior authorization for repetitive trnsports

As of 2015, Medicare began it's program of requiring prior authorization of all non-emergent repetitive (usually dialysis, rediation, wound care) patients. This new program requires intense effort between the provider, the patient, and the physician and has proven to be a very hard path to navigate.

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Who We Are

Fidelity Medical Billing of the Eastern Shore, is an ambulance medical billing company based in Oak Hall, Virginia, whose owners have more than 19 years of experience.

Our company is family-owned-and-operated, and maintains a high average on collections.

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We would like to Welcome Tangier Island, VA to the Fidelity Medical Billing family!