Prior Authorization and Credentialing

Credentialing and Prior Authorizations for Repetitive Transports

As of 2015, Medicare began it's program of requiring prior authorization of all non-emergent repetitive (usually dialysis, radiation, wound care) patients. This new program requires intense effort between the provider, the patient, and the physician and has proven to be a very hard path to navigate.

At Fidelity Medical Billing, we have been working with our providers to assist them with this process. Through practice, we have learned how to help providers determine which patients should be a part of this program and will work with the physicians to create an understanding of the medical documentation that Medicare is requiring. We can proudly say that we are achieving a 90% success rate of Medicare Prior Authorizations. Please contact our office regarding how we may assist you with this service.

We offer consulting services for Medicare prior authorization in addition to our billing services. Please contact us for complete details.